It's Christmas morning and there's magic in the air, enough to send an elf soaring into the stratosphere. While Santa's away, Irving the Elf like nothing more than leaping skyward, stepping on stars and bouncing on baubles trying to get as high as he can! Build your boost and collect candy canes for a point bonus while you help Irving hit the heavens, but watch out for the twisted tinsel, its pointy prickles will put a real crimp on your day.

With all the looks and charm you'd expect from a Matmi game, Elf is simple enough that anyone can pick it up and play it, but addictive enough that you'll be hooked all year round. Aim skyward as you challenge your friends via Facebook Connect and see who can send Irving the highest!

    Elf Features:
  • Amazing graphics and animations.
  • Unique sound effects in stereo.
  • Simple but addictive gameplay.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Local and Online scoreboards.
  • Facebook Connect so you can challenge all your friends.
  • Created specifically for iOS devices by the wonderful minds of Matmi.
Elf Comments:
"The polish on this addictive jumper will shine brighter than the star above 'you know who.'" -
"Extremely addictive and extremely good fun - guaranteed to make you have just one more go" -
"Get this game" - iphonetech78
"beautifully drawn ... downright hilarious" -

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