Monster Pinball HD Hints & Tips

Releasing the ball

Exept for the very top (which when tapped will pause the game)... The whole screen can be used to swipe your finger in a downwards motion to pull the ball plunger back. When you release your finger the ball plunger will fire.
Long swipes will pull the plunger back further and fire the ball faster.

If you shake or tap your device too hard you will disturb the ball which will alter its course and you will recieve a TILT WARNING. You have 5 warnings before the game will lock until your current ball is lost.
You can use Tilt to save you from losing your ball if you think your ball is going to go between the flippers. React quickly!
Tilt can also help you get into other tables or stay on the one you're on.

Difficulty / Ball Speed
On your iPad and the latest iOS devices you can change the speed of the ball at any time just by hitting the button (SLOW, MEDIUM, FAST).
Changing the speed mid play can sometimes help but could also confuse you so be careful :)

You can play your own music while playing MPHD - just set your device music going either from your music library or even from other music apps like 'TuneIn Radio' and then resume playing MPHD.
Obviously you should set your gameplay music to off. We keep the sound fx on for fun but you can turn them off too of course.

Take a look at the Achievements section of MPHD to see what you need to get better at or what to unlock etc.
If you get the table lock on any given table then you will be able to play that table in Single Play mode.

We put Facebook in just so you could share with your friends how much better than them you are. And also so that hopefully enough people get this lovely game so that we can keep up the good work and keep adding to it.
Telling your friends is actually one of the easiest Achievements to err Achieve.

Table Lock mode
In normal play (not Single Table Play) you can activate the Table Lock mode by rolling the ball over 'Primer 1" then "Primer 2" before the timer on Primer 1 runs out; Then roll over "Table Lock Bonus" before Primer 2's timer runs out.
Note: The Table Lock Primers will deactivate if you either lose your ball or exit the screen they are on.

If your ball rolls over one of the plus symbols ( + ) on any table you will recieve a red glow around your life balls next to your score. This will protect you from losing a life the next time your ball falls out of play.
If you have no lives left the FREEBALL red glow simply means it is protecting the current ball you have in play.

Scores / Table layout
There are 6 tables - if you placed them all side by side they are layed out 3 at the top and 3 at the bottom as follows:
Bindy X2 - Mutator X1 - Hogie X2
Headbanger X3 - Invade X2 - The Bowl X3
Blue X means how your points multiply due to the danger factor of being on those tables. This is separate from the individual table bonus score multiplyers that will really really get you scoring high!

If you get to 100,000 points you will get the glowing ball. 'HOTBALL' gives you twice your points on top of any other multiplyer!
Hold onto it coz. if you lose your ball, HOTBALL will end and not appear again untill you get to 200,000 or the next 100,000 milestone.

Targets and Bonuses
Yes there are lots and lots of them. Achievements are a great way to keep track but there are more than you may think. Keep checking this page to see if we post a little secret.
It's good when there's more to come isn't it :)

We hope you're enjoying it!

Monster Pinball HD
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