About Optathlon:
  • Two Exciting Games in one – Legroom Legend will test your juggling footwork in endless levels of ever increasing difficulty. Linejump Hero, however pits man against physics in an airport-themed distance jumping game.

  • Addictive gameplay – global scoreboards will have you playing
    for hours on end to beat your personal best and get into the
    elite high score top 10.

  • Beautiful graphics – More fun 3D characters and scenery than
    you can shake a joystick at!

  • Multi-platform – Play it on the iPhone/Ipod Touch/iPad or
    Android-based mobile phone. Not good enough? You can
    even play it on your PC/Mac

  • Easy to pick up and play – near impossible to master!

  • Absolutely free – We're not even joking. Two 3D games,
    hours of fun and nothing to pay!

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2 games in 1

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